Our Story

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” -Paul Prudhomme

      When you walk into the back patio of the Odell Brewery you are suddenly hit with the aroma of baklava, gyros, and spanakopita. You hear Greek music and faint shouts of “Opa!” seeping out of a metal tin box with big blue Greek letters plastered to the side of it. As you approach this metal tin box you are greeted by an older man with several gold chains and a white v-neck t-shirt. He greets you with one of the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen and in a thick Greek accent says, “My friend! What can I do for you?”. 

     Gus Zahakis is the epiphany of what it means to achieve the American dream, but he did not accomplish this without a lifetime of hard work. Before his success, he went from working construction at the age of nine on a small island in Greece, to owning his own food truck at the age of sixty-nine in the small city of Fort Collins, Colorado.

     My Big Fat Greek Gyro food truck, owned and operated by Gus Zahakis, offers a truly authentic and delicious experience for any customer. You will find delicious handmade Greek specialties, friendly workers, and of course lively music to give the illusion that you have stepped onto a Greek island. 

      In 1968 when he was sixteen, he began working on a shipping boat. The first time the boat docked in New York City, Gus never left. He still carried his Greek influence with him throughout the whole process. 

    He came to this country with no family, no friends, and only knew how to say “hamburger” and “hotdog” in English. With a true entrepreneur's heart, he was able to build a successful business based off of authenticity and kindness.